Research and Development

We think this is the most valuable tool for growing and improving our business. It is the R&D function that provides us a platform for creativity and innovation to flourish in OverX Innovations.

We are spending a lot of resources in an effort to make discoveries that can help develop new products and we are working towards enhancing pre-existing products.

We did a lot of Research on pre existing business environment in India and other developing nations, so our team decided to work on a software which we call Workx Easy. It’s a new generation software wherein we help Small & Medium Businesses to maintain and manage their team and records. Meeting their special needs and requirements Workx Easy has been significantly designed to work and manage in the business environment. This will help the SMB Companies to develop a vision to grow.

We are working on to make Research & Develop more likable in Indian Business houses so as to give rise to new innovations and products.