What about us?

The OverX Story.

Everything starts with a conversation and same went with the OverX Innovations. The company was created by a few Smart people who believed experiments can always lead to beautiful things.

Dec 18

With the dedication and hard work of the marketing team, the first few bows and arrows business deals were cracked. It was an instant hit concept. Planning for Bows and Arrows 2.0 and Workx Easy started to be launched in january.

Nov 18

Fueled by passion of the R&D team Bows and Arrows was launched on 12th November. With the software developed and integrated on our IT hardware, OverX Innovations was ready with its team to flood the solution into the market targeting education segment to begin with.

Oct 18

X Café was also introduced in OverX Innovations for use in future concepts. With our broader marketing efforts in full swing, we focused on the 4 C’s of marketing focusing on Customer/Consumer Value, Cost, Convenience and Communication.

Sep 18

With an initial investment of 100,000 USD, a unique R&D facility and one of a kind office was set up to be finished in next 40 days meanwhile a few more smart people were hired to make all thoughts and Concepts live. R&D on The Bows and Arrows was on full swing.

Aug 18

A few concepts discussed over a few healthy talks led to the inception of OverX Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Concepts included The Bows and Arrows – A real archery concept imbedded with IT solutioning, Workx Easy- A tool for creating better workplaces and making your work easy and Automated Door Locks – Wifi and Bluetooth enabled door locks for you to feel safe.